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Divorce, child custody and other family law issues are fraught with emotion, and it is easy to fall prey to poor judgment during these difficult times. The last thing you need is to choose an inexperienced lawyer who makes critical mistakes in your case that lengthen the process, cause disputes and increase your legal costs. What you need is an attorney who is compassionate toward your situation yet smart and aggressive when it counts, and your best bet to achieve that end is to obtain the legal services of Leanne L. Ohle.


Divorce law lawyers in Vero Beach FL

At Leanne L. Ohle, P.A., we focus on resolving a wide range of family issues, many of which are related. These scenarios include the following:

  • Divorce: Divorce is not based on fault in Florida. This means that either party can choose to legally end the union if there is no chance of reconciliation. The divorce must be either handled between the two parties or litigated with the help of a divorce lawyer, and the latter is usually necessary when issues such as child custody, child support and distribution of large assets are at play.
  • Child Custody: In Florida, custody of children under the age of 18 is typically shared between the parents unless this would prove detrimental to the children. The court looks at several factors when determining custody and bases the decision on what is best for the child's emotional and physical needs.
  • Child Support: Strict state guidelines are in place for child support amounts based on the incomes of the parents, and payments continue until the child reaches the age of 18. Child support also encompasses health insurance coverage and out-of-pocket medical expenses for the child.
  • Paternity: This type of case establishes the legal father of a child so that child support and parental time-sharing arrangements can be negotiated and enacted. Either the father or the mother of the child can make a paternity action, and parentage is typically proven with DNA testing.

A Treasure Coast family attorney who is on your side

Divorce attorney Leanne L. Ohle is a dedicated advocate who approaches every case with compassion and commitment to professional excellence. While she deals with legal processes every day, she never forgets that her clients are often intimidated and uncomfortable with lawyers and courts. This is why she takes the time to answer your questions honestly, letting you know with straightforward language what you can expect during each stage of the legal process.

Family attorneys in Palm City, Port St. Lucie and Stuart

Finding the right family law attorney is essential to help you uphold your legal rights and obtain what is fair. For family lawyers in Florida who will work tirelessly to ensure that your voice is heard, contact Leanne L. Ohle, P.A. today to schedule your Treasure Coast legal consultation.

Why Choose Ohle & Ohle?
“My ex-wife suddenly decided she was going to take a new job and move to a new state along with my two kids. Knowing I needed a lawyer in Stuart with experience handling child custody cases, I searched for and found family law attorney Leanne Ohle. When we met for our first meeting – which was a free consultation no less – she gave me such a sense of comfort that she would be able to protect my rights I retained her on the spot. Best decision ever – Leanne is a super lawyer and really good at what she does.”
~ Garfield Heckman, Google Reviewer
Unlike many large, high-volume firms, we'll treat you like an individual, and with compassion and understanding. Whether you're facing criminal charges, going through a divorce or injured in an accident, what you need most right now is someone who will listen and provide you with the best possible representation throughout your unique case.
Several law firms from West Palm Beach claim to specialize in Treasure Coast cases, when in fact they don't even have an office here. Leanne and Michael Ohle were born and raised in the Treasure Coast, and know the ins and outs of its legal system. We have offices in Fort Pierce and Stuart, and can come to you, depending on the situation.
The attorneys at Ohle & Ohle have proudly served Fort Pierce, Stuart, Port St. Lucie and the rest of the Treasure Coast for the past 48 years. We pride ourselves on our deep-rooted, strong ties to the community, which we believe gives us a clear advantage over our non-local competitors.