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When negotiating a time-sharing arrangement, you can’t afford to waste your time or money on an inexperienced attorney. The sooner you can come to an agreement with your spouse, the sooner you can move on with your life and put the divorce proceedings behind you. At Ohle & Ohle, P.A., we fight hard to come to an agreement that not only serves our clients but is also in the best interests of the children.

Child custody and visitation laws

In Florida, parents who seek a divorce – as well as separating parents who never married – are required to enter into a parenting plan in which the details of custody and visitation are clearly outlined in writing. The plan typically covers each parent’s responsibility for certain daily parenting tasks, health care and school-related decisions. It also designates the child’s primary address for school registration and lays out the times and dates that the children will spend with each parent. This document must be approved by the court but can be modified at a later date with the assistance of skilled Port St. Lucie child custody lawyers.

Factors considered in child custody cases

Neither parent automatically has a greater right to custody in the state of Florida. The courts make custody determinations based on a number of factors, including:

Custody options in Florida

In the state of Florida, joint legal custody generally is awarded unless the judge deems that this arrangement could prove detrimental to the children. With joint custody, the child may spend equal amounts of time with each parent or live primarily with one and have visitation with the other.

Consult with Palm City family law attorneys you can trust

Parenting plans are designed to cover all of a child’s needs and can become quite complicated. You need experienced Palm City child custody lawyers who will put in the necessary time and meticulous care to uphold your rights and meet your children’s needs. For a caring Palm City child custody lawyer, contact Leanne L. Ohle today for a free initial consultation.


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“My ex-wife suddenly decided she was going to take a new job and move to a new state along with my two kids. Knowing I needed a lawyer in Stuart with experience handling child custody cases, I searched for and found family law attorney Leanne Ohle. When we met for our first meeting – which was a free consultation no less – she gave me such a sense of comfort that she would be able to protect my rights I retained her on the spot. Best decision ever – Leanne is a super lawyer and really good at what she does.”

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