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Enforcement of Divorce Final Judgments

What can be done when some parties refuse to comply with the court's order? Attorney Leanne Ohle explains what steps you should take to ensure compliance. Article appeared in the May 2014 online edition of The Pineapple Post.

Modifying Child Support in Florida

There are numerous circumstances that can lead to modification of child support, including loss of job/income and increased child expenses. Find out if you could be impacted. Article appeared in the February 2014 online edition of The Pineapple Post.

Changes in Florida's Child Custody Laws

What's the difference between primary and secondary custody, and visitation? What is "time sharing?" Learn these critical terms in this October 2014 article in The Pineapple Post.

Florida Divorce: What to Know Before Filing

Learn about state residency requirements, marital assets, alimony, custody and child support in this August 2014 article that appeared in The Pineapple Post.