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Establishing paternity is important not only for obtaining child support but also to help your child establish a good relationship with both parents. At Ohle & Ohle, P.A., we work with both sides, helping mothers obtain child support from fathers who won't acknowledge paternity and fathers who seek visitation when the mother withholds the child. When you obtain the services of our Stuart family attorneys, we will help you navigate the right legal channels to ensure that your parental rights are upheld in situations where paternity needs to be established.

Why establishing paternity is important

Either parent can deny the father's paternity, but doing so often only hurts the child. Children with active, loving fathers in their lives generally feel more secure and emotionally stable. Financial support also is paramount in creating an optimal environment for the child to thrive. Without establishing paternity; however, both parents' legal rights, which include time-sharing arrangements, child support and medical and educational decision-making privileges, cannot be enforced. Our seasoned Palm City divorce attorneys are your best bet for establishing paternity and negotiating fair arrangements that contribute to your child's well-being.

How to establish paternity

If the parents were married, the state assumes that the husband is the father of the child unless someone disputes that fact. However, unmarried couples must take certain actions to establish paternity. If the identity of the father is not in question, both parties can sign a form that acknowledges paternity and file it with the court. Without a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity; however, either parent can consult with a Port St. Lucie family lawyer to start the court process for establishing paternity.

Genetic testing for paternity

DNA testing for paternity is a simple procedure that involves swabbing cells from the inside of the cheeks of all parties. The samples are then sealed and sent to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing, which takes about three weeks, and the results are mailed to both the mother and the alleged father.

Benefits of establishing paternity

In addition to helping establish the rights of the parents, knowing the father's identity offers numerous benefits to the child, including the ability to have a relationship with the father and full knowledge of family medical history. The child also is eligible for health insurance, Social Security, veteran's benefits, inheritances and any other financial benefits available from either parent.

Consult with a Stuart divorce attorney

If you find yourself embroiled in a paternity case, your best shot at obtaining the outcome that serves you and your child best is to contact Port St. Lucie family law attorney Leanne L. Ohle. Our Stuart family lawyers specialize in conducting these sensitive matters in a compassionate and discreet manner so that we uphold the best interests of your children every step of the way.

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