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In 2010, the state of Florida had close to a million registered boats and watercraft -- more than any other state. Close to a million unregistered vessels also are located in the state. This likely explains why the state of Florida tops the list for the highest number of boating accidents in the country, with 6,668 accidents in 2010. Unfortunately, Florida also ranked first among states for deaths due to boating accidents in 2009. Some common injuries resulting from boating accidents include: lacerations, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, neck injuries and dislocations. Other more serious injuries such as amputations, internal injuries, spinal injuries or burns often are the result after what began as a pleasant day on the water. Florida laws regarding boating and other watercraft, such as a Jet Skis, can be extremely complex. The boat accident attorneys at Ohle & Ohle, P.A. use their extensive 50 years of experience and knowledge of these laws to evaluate your case. They conduct a complete investigation to help seek just compensation for medical bills, time lost from work and other monetary entitlements.


By the numbers

Statistics show that Treasure Coast boating accidents are more common in spring and summer months. In Florida, 104 boating accidents occurred in 2010 during the month of May. Another 97 accidents took place in July. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Ohle & Ohle, P.A. help protect the legal rights of truck accident victims throughout the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Okeechobee and surrounding cities and towns. Boats can be dangerous, whether they are used for work or leisure. Florida law enforcement officers cited more than 14,000 boat operators for violations in 2010. Many people believe boating accidents occur more frequently when a boat is traveling at a high rate of speed during a race or while towing a water skier. However, in more than 78% of 2010 boating accidents, the party in a boat or watercraft accident who was found at fault simply wasn't paying attention or failed to conduct a proper "look-out." The risk of being involved in boating accident in Florida is high. The experienced boat accident attorneys at Ohle & Ohle, P.A. help protect the legal rights of boating accident victims throughout the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Okeechobee, Vero Beach and Stuart.

Why Choose Ohle & Ohle?
"Simply the best!!! She delivered beyond what was expected. This is my representation from here on out. Choose the right one the first time!"
~ Brandon Smith, Google Reviewer
Unlike many large, high-volume firms, we'll treat you like an individual, and with compassion and understanding. Whether you're facing criminal charges, going through a divorce or injured in an accident, what you need most right now is someone who will listen and provide you with the best possible representation throughout your unique case.
Several law firms from West Palm Beach claim to specialize in Treasure Coast cases, when in fact they don't even have an office here. Leanne and Michael Ohle were born and raised in the Treasure Coast, and know the ins and outs of its legal system. We have offices in Fort Pierce and Stuart, and can come to you, depending on the situation.
The attorneys at Ohle & Ohle have proudly served Fort Pierce, Stuart, Port St. Lucie and the rest of the Treasure Coast for the past 48 years. We pride ourselves on our deep-rooted, strong ties to the community, which we believe gives us a clear advantage over our non-local competitors.